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Week of Welcome (WOW)

Join the KSU community and participate in several exciting events to kick off the new school year!

Wesley Foundation (Wesley)

We are a campus ministry devoted to reaching students and sharing the Gospel through outreach activities and weekly worship. We meet in the Leadership Room next to Card Services in the Student Center Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM

Wise Owl Association (WOA)

This organization's purpose is to aid a student in self development and exploration. With our events and activities, we aim to build up every member's personality as well as his/her academic and career life.

Wish-Makers On Campus Kennesaw

Wish-Makers On Campus exists to raises awareness and support in the community to be able to grant wishes to kids who have a terminal illness. Whether it be meeting Taylor Swift or going to Disney World our goal is for their dreams to come true!

Women In Technology (WIT)

The purpose of our organization is to support and give direction to both men and women aiming to work in technology, science or mathematics fields or those who currently are working in these fields.

Women's Resource & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center (WRC)

The Women's Resource Center strives to create an inclusive, supportive and violence free campus environment.