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Vex Robotics Competition Team (VRT)

The main goals for this competition team are to promote the field of robotics through friendly competition and to compete in the Vex Robotics World College Championship every academic year.


Vibes is a student organization built to provide a platform for musicians and entertainers to network and perform in order to build their careers and passions.

Vietnamese Student Association at KSU (VSA at KSU)

The purpose of the Vietnamese Students Association is to build relations with campus culture organizations and other student groups at Kennesaw State University. Welcome incoming Vietnamese and other minority students, and assist in their transition to...

Visions Student Art Guild (Visions)

We strive to spread awareness of the visual arts community among the student body and foster an enriching environment for aspiring artists. Our goal is to create a lasting community of artists and fellow visionaries.

Volunteerism and Service Learning Support

Volunteerism and Service Learning Support serves as an information and coordination resource center that matches KSU students, staff and faculty with volunteer service and community engagement opportunities. It's time to get involved!