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KSU Student Media (KSUSM)

KSUSM is home to four student-produced media outlets as well as a student-based marketing team. Collectively they provide news, information, and entertainment to the campus in addition to hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Owl Radio (KSU Radio)

OWL Radio is KSU's student-run streaming radio station, which is part of KSU Student Media (KSUSM). OWL Radio is a traditional public, non-commerical college station in format, broadcasting a diverse mix of talk, sports and various genres of great music!

The Sentinel (Sentinel)

The Sentinel is Kennesaw State University's student-run newspaper, publishing weekly on Tuesdays. We bring you news, events, reviews, opinions, sports and more. The publication is run completely by students and is not affiliated with a class or course.

The Sting (Sting)

KSU Lifestyle Magazine (formerly The Sting) is Kennesaw State's monthly feature magazine and part of KSU Student Media (KSUSM).