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Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter (HFHKSU)

KSU's Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter is a group of students who are passionate about helping families build better lives for themselves. Dedicated students can take the next step to lead the charge at their school to help fulfill Habitat's mission.

HAW Kick-off Event

Homelessness Awareness Kick-off Event Planning Team

Health Promotion and Wellness

The overall goal of Health Promotion and Wellness is to improve the health and well being of students and employees through awareness and education.


To encourage students and young adults to explore their heritage and actively participate in Jewish Life. Hillel empowers students to build vital Jewish communities on campus and inspires them to embrace a future hope and possibility formed by Jewish v...

Hip-Hop & Street Jazz Dance Club of KSU (Hip-Hop & Street Jazz Dance Club)

This is Kennesaw State University's first ever Hip-Hop and Street Jazz Dance Club. The club will consist of dancers of all levels, both those entirely new to the genre of dance and those who are more experienced. Open to any KSU student!

Homebrew Computer Club

The Homebrew Computer Club is here to provide a safe and legal environment for aspiring hackers and information security experts to test and expand their hacking skills while competing in various Capture the Flag (CTF) information security competitions.


Information on Homecoming events and activities.

Honors Club

The KSU Honors Club works to build a sense of community among students interested in an honors education through academic, cultural, and career oriented programs, social activities, and service projects.

HPE Major's Club (HPE)

The purpose of the HPE Major's Club is to enhance the HPE Major's academic experience through professional development, community service and social outlets.

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