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3WYA "The Net" is a non-denominational spirit-filled and on-fire campus ministry derived from the Worship with Wonders Church located in Kennesaw. We have many events , bible study, and services planned for you in hopes that would connect with us!

925 Athletic Ministries (925)

925 Athletic Ministries is an organization working to change the world through sports. We desire to see those in the athletic community spiritually trained and equipped to maximize their influence in society for the glory of God.

Adventist Christian Fellowship at KSU (KSU-ACF)

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is GCC’s ministry to Adventist students on public college and university campuses.

Alpha Omega (AO)

The Alpha Omega Campus Ministry's sole existence is to proclaim and honor God. We're a non-denominational group who's purpose is meant to study the Bible with people that would want to learn about it. We also strive to live accordingly to what the Bibl...

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)

We are the Kennesaw State Baptist Collegiate Ministry. We are a Campus Ministry that believes Jesus Christ is God, and that our purpose on this earth is to glorify Him in our everyday lives. BCM is here to serve all students, faculty and staff.

Bethel Campus Fellowship (BCF)

"Leading students to Christ and preparing them to become reliable men and women that God can entrust with His word for the next generation."

Campus Outreach (C.O.)

To make, develop, and train students to be leaders in the Christian Faith.

Campus Renewal Ministries

Campus Renewal is a national organization that exists to facilitate united relationships with other campus ministries in order to see the entire campus reached with the Gospel.

Canterbury Club (Canterbury)

Canterbury Club is the campus ministry of the Episcopal Church. We meet weekly for dinner, fellowship, and prayer. Our goal is to create a safe space for anyone to meet new people and make new relationships! All are welcome to join!

Catholic Student Union (CSU)

The Catholic Student Union is a Christian organization and our purpose is to inspire love, further faith, and foster fellowship in the community. We actively involve ourselves with charitable service projects and outreach.

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