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Faith On Campus (FOC)

Faith On Campus exists for the purpose of evangelism, fellowship and discipleship. Faith On Campus functions to present the claims of Christ and the truths of Scripture through expository teaching from a reformed theological perspective.

Fashion and Design Students at Kennesaw State University (F.A.D.S.)

It is an organization to be able to allow us to get our major and design aspect known to others and allow us to work together and network for the future and build our resume and portfolio for design.

Filipino Student Association (FSA)

Promote an understanding of our Filipino and American heritage, and encourage a positive understanding of our Filipino and Filipino-American cultures in the Kennesaw State community.

FIRST Robotics Mentoring Team (FIRST Robotics)

We are a team using FIRST and robotics as medium to teach kids in the community more about Engineering and STEM fields through competition and hands on learning experiences.

First-Year and Undeclared Advising

The NEST (Advising office for New and Exploratory Students) is a primary resource for students in their first year at KSU, as well as for those students who have yet to declare a major. Please let us know how we can help you!

French Club (French)

The French Club is a KSU group that works to promote French language and francophone culture on campus.