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Echo is a College Gathering that is a part of North Metro Church. We meet every Thursday night at 7:00 where we have worship, a message, and small groups. 18-25 year-old college students are welcome to join us!

Economics and Finance Club (EFC)

The Economics and Finance Club serves the student body by holding events, activities, and seminars for students who are interested in economics and/or finance. We aim to provide an environment in which students can learn and expand their network.

EcoOwls: Students for Environmental Sustainability (EcoOwls)

EcoOwls strives to raise awareness of the sustainability initiatives of KSU by visiting classes and teaching students about sustainability. Our members champion environmental responsibility through educating others on how KSU incorporates this lifestyle.

EDge (EDucation generation)

EDge is an organization catered to Elementary Education Majors. This organization acts as a support system outside the classroom. Members have the opportunity to attend seminars, events, and participate in community service geared towards children.

Electric Vehicle Team (EVT)

The KSU Electric Vehicle Team focuses on the design and implementation of electric vehicle technology. We believe in applying the knowledge gained in the classroom to real world applications for racing and competition.

Elite Dance Team (E.D.T/ Elite Dancers)

Do yo think you have what it takes to become an Elite! Dare to be different! The Fantasy Elite Dancers are here to boost the confidence of the student body here at Kennesaw State. We also strive to reach out to individuals who loves to dance/entertain.


This is a creative writing club that offers a welcoming environment for all KSU students who have a desire to create new worlds, fantasize alternate ideas, and influence the minds of those around them.


We invite you to become a stronger, more socially responsible business leader. If you have an idea that could change the world or want to join one of our projects, we are here to help you get started! To join please complete the Enactus Interest Form.

Encounter KSU (EKSU)

Encounter KSU is a Christian ministry focused on mentorship for students. We believe that if we help students encounter God, they will be inspired to lead lives of integrity and have a positive impact on society.

Engineers For A Sustainable World Kennesaw State (ESW)

A non-profit organization aimed at developing sustainable solutions to make the world better.

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