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Aerial Robotics Competition Team (Aerial Robotics)

The Aerial Robotics Team is an student organization on campus that is open to all majors. Our main goal is to collectively build an autonomous flying robot that can interact and operate within random environments.

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition Team (Concrete Canoe)

The Concrete Canoe Competition team provides students insight and practical knowledge of designing and working with concrete to ultimately race the concrete canoe through a series of water relays at the regional conference.

Autonomous Ground Vehicle Team (AGVT)

The Autonomous Ground Vehicle Team is a competition team at Kennesaw State University. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and gain experience in many aspects of engineering through creating autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team (AUV Team)

The AUV Team is comprised of engineers, designers, and other creatives who built an autonomous submarine over the course of the year and compete in an international competition every summer. Click the "About" tab to find our meeting times.

Electric Vehicle Team (EVT)

The KSU Electric Vehicle Team focuses on the design and implementation of electric vehicle technology. We believe in applying the knowledge gained in the classroom to real world applications for racing and competition.

FIRST Robotics Mentoring Team (FIRST Robotics)

We are a team using FIRST and robotics as medium to teach kids in the community more about Engineering and STEM fields through competition and hands on learning experiences.

Homebrew Computer Club

The Homebrew Computer Club is here to provide a safe and legal environment for aspiring hackers and information security experts to test and expand their hacking skills while competing in various Capture the Flag (CTF) information security competitions.

Kennesaw State Collegiate SAE Chapter (SAE Chapter)

KSU SAE Chapter is a collective organization that includes the three on campus SAE teams: Formula SAE, Aerial Robotics, and Electric Vehicle Team.

Kennesaw State University Rocket Club (KSU Rocketry)

Our goal is to introduce members to the exciting world of rocketry.

KSU Motorsports | Formula SAE Team (KSU FSAE)

KSU Motorsports is an international engineering competition team that pushes motivated students to design and build a formula style race car.

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